Fit4Duty – The Ethical Standard┬« provides third-party, independent and secure workplace reporting lines.

Kelly Donovan

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Whether it’s workplace harassment, criminal behaviour, financial waste, or even a suggestion on how things could improve, your people are your greatest resource and without a safe reporting mechanism, they may be holding back.

The way our process works is, when your employees complete a secure reporting form, the information is sent to an independent administrator, trained in investigations of all types. The administrator decides how to handle the complaint to ensure the highest Ethical Standard and in accordance with applicable laws.

Every program is tailored to your needs, but the independence of our programs ensures your people are always Fit4Duty – The Ethical Standard┬«

Kelly was a police officer when she learned that it takes more than physical health to be Fit4Duty. Employees should feel safe speaking up about unethical or illegal conduct, and organizations should meet or exceed The Ethical Standard.

Learn about Kelly’s story here.